Company Introduction
Since its establishment in 1987, Odaesan Food has been producing and
distributing products made by processing domestic agricultural products.
In particular, our company has cultivated Tartary buckwheat for the first time
in Korea and has developed and produced products using domestic
Tartary buckwheat. Recently, given the increasing demand for reliable domestic
Tartary buckwheat supply, our company has prepared a mass production base and
as a company specializing in Tartary buckwheat processing, we have been continuously
investing in research for diverse product development.
What is Tartary buckwheat?
Buckwheat is divided into two kinds, general buckwheat and Tartary buckwheat.
Tartary buckwheat contains proteins with amino acid compositions, crude fibers, and vitamins B1, B2, and B6.
In particular, it shows 60~100 times higher amounts of flavonoids such as rutin compared to general buckwheat.
Based on the results of various related studies and through media exposure, it has recently emerged as a new food resource with high nutritional value and thus its utilization is on the rise.
Product Introduction
Tartary buckwheat tea
This is made of domestic Tartary buckwheat and is characterized by a clean subtle flavor. Tea bag
Can (cardboard tube)
1.5g * 20 tea bags
Nano Tartary buckwheat tea
This is made by extrusion-molding Tartary buckwheat powder at
high temperature and pressure (patent pending). It has increased
rutin content and is brewed thicker than the existing Tartary
buckwheat tea. It is characterized by a deeper flavor.
Tea bag 1.5g * 100 tea bags
Gift set
For orders for festival seasons and large quantities,
please contact us through our official shopping mall or main number.
Can (cardboard tube) set   can (cardboard tube,100g) * 3
Purchase Information
- Odaesan Food official online shopping mall (
- Postal shopping (
- Auction, G-market, 11th Street, etc
Contact us
- Tel : 82-33-335-7026
- Adderss : 2-14 Ddang gol gil Songjeong-ri, Jinbu-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do, Korea
- E-mail :
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